Jojoba Oil- It Does It All!

Jojoba Oil has got everything going for it! Derived from the Jojoba shrub which grows in Mexico and some parts of the USA, this naturally occurring oil shares the same molecular structure as oils found in human skin. This means that it works to balance oil in your...

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38 Degrees- The perfect gift for that special man

Our new moisturising face serum for men has been lovingly handcrafted using some of the most beneficial oils for our masculine friends. Not only is the formula lightweight and with a woody smell that won’t scare off the boys, but the ingredients also offer a myriad of...

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Why Cinnamon Essential Oil, Bark and Leaf Oils

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, and for that matter Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil contain high levels of cinnamaldehyde; which irritates the skin, so this oil is another one that should never be used neat on the skin, pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid it....

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Why Clove Essential Oil?

Clove Essential Oil is a tricky one... While it’s advised to NEVER be used neat on the skin, especially for pregnant women because of the safrol it contains, it still has some amazing uses. When taken, Clove Bud lowers blood sugar levels, improves digestion, reduces...

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