Spring 2021

Hi guys, well it’s been a while but we’re happy to say we’re on track to bring you some great new products and collabs.
We’ve worked with Feminine Spirit and Rituals With Love in the past and it looks like we’ve got some new projects with them, coming up in the future, so that’s a bit exciting.
We’ve created a liquid soap it’s for tradies or anyone that works with their hands a lot, we’ve noticed there’s nothing really on the market that’s all natural so we’ve come up with something. Being all natural, it’s gentle on the skin and that’s great, in particular for people with dermatitis. We haven’t got a name yet but the working title is Dirty Hands.
While some of our products have been discontinued, we’re really excited to bring you some fabulous new products; aside from the liquid hand soap we’ve got an anti dandruff scalp serum, we have a deodorant, we have a bruising cream and we have a post tattoo soothing balm so you will see those coming up soon. Oh and we have two body moisturisers one is Relaxing and the other one is Cleopatra.
So that’s about it for now, let’s hope for health moving forward. To celebrate spring we have a 10% discount running for the whole of September and the Higher Ground Pack will remain on sale indefintely.
Love and light,
Right Brain Tribe.  X X