Why I’m loving so much of our New Stuff!

Hi, I’m Danielle. I am a 30 year old Australian women, and I have been very lucky to become a part of the team at Right Brain Tribe!

I can see the love that goes into our products and I feel lucky to be a part of such a creative team.

One of the perks of the job is that I have been lucky enough to trial many of our items, and have been inspired to tell you all about the items I adore!!

The first product I want to talk to you about is the Purifer Range!
When I first smelt the soap, I adored it. For an anti-bacterial, anti-viral product I expected it to smell more like a cleaning product than a soothing soap, but I was wrong, I had one beautiful soap that I used every day, and it lasted a long time, I re-ordered more once it finally disintegrated!

The oil has the same gorgeous smell and anti-viral components, making it a wonderful choice to use in your oil burner. It will provide those important anti-viral agents into the air at your hone. It’s truly something special.

My brand new favourite is the Cucumber Facial Spray! I sampled some after I went for a long walk in the sun and the smell was intoxicating. It took the heat off my skin while doubling as a toner. It doesn’t sting, it simply cools off and cleanses my skin at the same time! I couldn’t believe it was only $12.

I have not yet tried the Geranium face mist yet, regrettably. It is an alcohol-free, gentle mist for sensitive skin, and can be useful to treat skin irritation such as eczema.

We also have a gentle rose toner water toner mist which a gentle, calming delicate spray for all skin type, especially sensitive skin types.

Each Spray is $12! It’s only a matter of time before I buy these too!

It has taken me a while to decide on my favourite essential oils! This is because my mood changes, and I have different uses for each one!

Recently, I’m a big fan of The Positivity Blend that’s included in our Higher Ground Trio Pack! It is still at a heavily reduced price because want everybody to be able to give it a try and enjoy the positive energy. Isolation can really affect our mood, and I love burning this oil to get my day off to a pleasant start.

I’ve found I was experiencing some motivational days while working at home. When I had some important work to do, this is when I turn to my Focus Oil Blend!

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